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Julie2 : 24 October 2005
Diary entry posted Tue 3:52am 25 October 2005

The past few weeks have been up and down for me. The week before last I was at the physio and my calf was so extremely sore I couldnít bear for him to touch it. He was concerned that I may have the onset of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and advised me to keep an eye on it for the next day or so, and if it was still painful, then I should see my local doctor about it immediately. I got home and made an appointment with my Doctor for the next day anyway, just to be on the safe side. I was a bit worried, but thought maybe I had just been overdoing it, as I have been walking around the house without my crutches, and have noticed by the end of the day my leg is more tired than normal when I do this. I know I shouldnít be doing it (the physio has said I should be using the crutches all the time), but it is just so much easier to get up and go to the kitchen, or get something for the kids, etc. when I donít have to worry about carrying the crutches around.
Anyway, the next day I dropped my son at Kindergarten, and my daughter and I went to the Doctorís. He inspected the leg, rang up the nearest hospital, and got me in there for an emergency ultrasound on my leg. I was so shocked at how quickly it all happened. The good news is that I was cleared at the hospital of DVT. Hooray!
That weekend we took the kids away for the night to a sort of theme park castle and an old gold mining town where the kids and hubby panned for gold. It was a challenge on the crutches as the place is extremely hilly with dirt paths and roads, but I grinned and beared it for the sake of the kids Ė they had an absolute ball. The ankle held up extremely well.
My husband has been massaging my calf and foot every night (as advised by the PT) and I think this has really helped. Of course, I could do it myself, but it is so much nicer when someone else is doing it for you.
This weekend just past we went to our holiday caravan down the coast. We havenít stayed there since the accident, and we usually spend a lot of time in summer down there, so now the weather is getting nicer we will be spending a lot more time there. It was awkward getting up and down the steps between the caravan and the annexe. My son fell off his bike twice and I had to call hubby because I couldnít get there fast enough. Hubby complained it wasnít a very relaxing weekend for him Ė yes, I felt useless and guilty.
Overall, I can see the ankle improving ever so slightly every week. The physio is really helping. I think the problem with my calf is the scar tissue that remains from the bruising I received in the car accident. I still have lumpy scar tissue around my abdomen and breast from the seat belt, and my leg is very lumpy where the main pain is in my calf, so massaging it will break down the scar tissue and hopefully the pain will stop. I havenít yet started the aqua therapy, still waiting to hear if this service will be provided for free for me Ė but thatís another story and I will post about that shortly.

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 Tue 3:52am 25 October 2005
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