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Comment : Re: Pictures of X-Rays
Posted by Ruth on Sun 12:38pm 13 November 2005

Hello Julie - thanks for posting your X-Rays on your page, I was interested to see them. There has been a great deal of trauma to your leg, and there's a lot of metalwork in there, so it's hardly surprising that you feel your recovery has been slow.

In my own case I wonder if the prolonged swelling and the stiffness of my ankle were a result of having fractured both bones at the malleolus, rather than higher up, as it's only in the past few days (and over 18 weeks post-surgery) that my range of movement has improved to the extent that I am able to walk 'normally' for short distances, despite the continued swelling of my ankle. Regarding the 'running,' it is more of an ungainly fast waddle: not to be recommended!

Although your injury was much worse than mine, both happened in July, so I'm sure that soon you will also find that you are doing things you thought weren't possible.
Keep in touch?

Best wishes,

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 Sun 12:38pm 13 November 2005
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