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Comment : Re: 15 November 2005 - Update
Posted by Ruth on Tue 12:24pm 15 November 2005

Hello Julie - I was surprised to read that they are letting you return to work tomorrow night,(even if only for four nights a week to start with,) considering your OS's concern about the lack of healing in your fibula and the pain that you are still experiencing...to still need pain killers in order to sleep, and to still have quite a bit of swelling around your calf and ankle suggests to me that it's a bit early for you to return to work - do take care: it would be a shame to set yourself back by rushing things.

Even though it's over four months (18 weeks) since your accident, possibly this is still not long enough... I'm trying to put myself in your place, as for me it's also over four months since my accident - it'll be 19 weeks on Thursday - and my ankle and calf are still swollen too, and when the PT massages it, she says there is still fluid that needs to drain into the lymph nodes at the knee. I can only walk for about 15 minutes without pain, and before I start to limp. I'm fortunate in not having to make the decision about going back to work, but if I did need to, I think I would try to press my doctor for an extension of sick leave until I felt fully fit.

Let me know how your pool sessions go, and whether they help. Our group did siimilar exercises in the hydrotherapy pool: walking forwards, backwards, and sideways, plus knee bends and kicking exercises, and walking on the toes and on the heels. I found 20 minutes of that very hard - but it helped with the weight loss!

I hope you get on alright at work tomorrow night - I'll be thinking of you.

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 Tue 12:24pm 15 November 2005
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