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Julie2 : 6 Feb 2006 - 7 Month Anniversary of Accident Drawing Near
Diary entry posted Sun 3:12pm 5 February 2006

It will be 7 months on Sunday since my accident!! I can't believe how quickly time has flown! I was away over the Christmas period down at our caravan on the coast, and unfortunately my leg was very painful, probably due to the fact I didn't see the physio at all in this time. Managed to get to the beach with the kids a few times and have a swim, just took my crutch with me down to the water's edge. Also managed a few swims in the pool at the caravan park so I was able to do my exercises. The weather was spectacular, with only one or two days of rain in the whole time.

On the 6 month anniversary of the accident I had a little cry and was very depressed. When I finally got home late January, I made an appointment with a psychologist straight away and went to see her last week. I didn't know what to expect, and basically she just asked me to explain in detail about everything that happened with the accident, and what I am feeling and why I feel the need to see her. She went through a lot of things, which I already knew, but it was good to hear a professional verify the way I was feeling as "normal". She gave me some breathing exercises to try when I suffer anxiety when I am driving a car. And we talked about other things, such as the guilt I feel at not being able to do all the things I used to do with the kids. I found it a great session and go back to see her in another couple of weeks.

The week before last I had x-rays and my visit to the OS. For some reason it wasn't my surgeon, but one I have not seen before who had an extremely rude bedside manner! Anyway, he has booked me in for a CT scan next week to see how my bones have healed, as he wants me to have surgery to remove the front plate on my ankle. He thinks this will help me with my walking, as he believes this plate is restricting my ROM. I was very down about the fact that I may need to have more surgery, but I spoke to my physio about it and he was very positive, explaining that recovery time won't be as long and as bad as my major surgeries, and if it benefits my walking then it is a good thing. So, I am now not depressed and dreading it any longer!

My most exciting news is that only this week, I have felt brilliant. I have attempted walking most places without a crutch (if it isn't too long I am on my feet it is okay) and I just feel wonderful. I am not sure if it was the seeing the psychologist that helped me turn a corner, but I feel so much more positive that I am going to get through this and be okay!! I have been busy with both my kids starting back at Kindergarten (preschool) this week, so have been doing a lot of running around which has exhausted me, but I still feel wonderful. I am now also doing water aerobics once a week, which seems to be really helping.

FINALLY, I think the worst is behind me......

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 Sun 3:12pm 5 February 2006
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