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Julie2 : 13 Months Since Accident
Diary entry posted Tue 10:04pm 15 August 2006

Wow! Can't believe it is already 13 months since the car accident that changed my life! I feel like I have always had a pain in my ankle and wish I could remember what it was like to run, kneel, jump, climb, etc!
My last update with my surgeon was about 3 or so weeks ago. I had a CT scan which showed that the bone has not completely healed as yet. He said that was to be expected with the seriousness of the break I had, but he is extremely happy with the way it is healing. He said to keep up my twice weekly visits to the Physio and also my pool sessions. I have another review in November, and they are going to take xrays of me lunging (knee forward over my ankle) to see if the plate at the front of my leg is hindering my movement when I walk, and if so, they will remove it.
I am still visiting the physio religiously every Tuesday and Saturday morning, and just this last Tuesday he did a little bit of acupuncture on my foot. I have bought new trainers a couple of weeks ago, and have been going on lots of walks until I can't handle the pain, and so the acupuncture was to help with the pain I am having in the top of my foot, no doubt caused by the fact my foot has not been in an enclosed shoe for over a year now and so is not used to it. I am still walking with a limp and am always in pain whilst walking. It is just something I have learned to live with. I do aqua aerobics at least once a week and try to get to the pool as often as possible to swim laps. I also joined Weight Watchers 15 weeks ago and have lost over 15kgs (which is the amount I have put on since the accident) and although I have a big way to go with weight loss, the amount I have already lost has made such a big difference to my walking.
Fortunately I don't suffer from depression due to the accident anymore. I still find it sad that I can't do things like I used to, and things that I have always wanted to do or THOUGHT I might like to do in the future (like climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go skydiving or bungee jumping) are things that I probably will never be able to do because of my bad ankle. Fortunately now I can take the kids on walks again, and play with them at the park. The old Mum who sat & watched because she couldn't walk is just a distant memory!
I look back to when I was in hospital and how naive I was to think that a broken leg would mend in a matter of months and everything would be back to normal. I don't go back and read my original entries in this diary because it upsets me and I honestly can't believe what I have been through. I am glad it is all the past and would not wish this journey I have had on my worst enemies! However, I believe I am a stronger person because of it!
Anyway, I don't get on this site much anymore, but will update in another 6 or so months no doubt. Take care & best wishes!

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 Tue 10:04pm 15 August 2006
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