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Julie2 : September 2005
Diary entry posted Mon 8:46pm 10 October 2005

The whole month was a complete blur and seemed to go by so quickly! I had many bad days, although they seem to be fewer now. Greg and I have been trying to get out and about with the kids on the weekends due to the fact they are housebound Monday to Friday with me, so we have been having picnics at the park and going on shopping expeditions. A friend lent us a wheelchair, which was brilliant! I was able to get out and buy some new clothes.
At the end of the month, Greg went interstate for a business trip, and we decided that I would go with him, and we would spend the weekend as well. The plane trip was 4 hours long, and wasn't too bad - I made sure I got up and excercised the leg regularly and drank plenty of water to keep myself hydrated. We spent a total of 4 nights there, and I had a lovely relaxing time in the sunshine reading whenever Greg had to go to work. My parents and in-laws alternated minding the kids for us while we were away. I think the relaxation and spending time just looking after myself (and not the kids as well) was just what I needed! We came home and I felt 100% better!

30th September 2005.
My visit to the Fracture Clinic to see my Surgeon. I am now allowed FWB and have upgraded to the elbow crutches, as opposed to the horrible underarm crutches I have had all this time.
The leg itself has improved so much. I have graduated from showering sitting on a chair to standing in the shower! The scar at the side of my leg is quite neat and not that noticeable, however the scar at the front down my leg/ankle is quite red and awful looking. My ankle and foot still swell up like a balloon, so elevating and icing it at night (which is the only time I get to do it with the kids!) helps it immensly.
I have been given another 6 weeks off work, which I am happy about as I was unsure that I was quite ready to be going back yet.

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 Mon 8:46pm 10 October 2005
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