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Comment : Out of the cast
Posted by katrinaj on Tue 3:38am 23 October 2007

24/10/07 app to see OS and remove hinged cast brace, i was feeling pretty nervous going back into the plaster room, thankfully the removal went quite well, i told them i wanted to keep the lower bit of cast - due to the autographs etc - when i saw my leg i took a funny turn - it just didnt look like mine, it was so wasted. The hairy look wasnt very nice either.
The xrays were good apparently - i actually got to see them this time - having not seen any xrays at this point (they have a computerised system and my bed was never near a pc terminal) in all the xrays looked ok, i saw the plate and screws, yukk. The OS pointed out the damaged area - quite obvious really - and said he was happy with it.
I said i had looked into TPfx but hadnt found out much regarding the recovery etc and that my patella had a mind of its own regarding its floating - it went off on travels.
The OS repeated some of what he'd already said in hospital and explained that i was looking at about 8/12mths recovery, that physio was crucial to my recovery, that my HW was there for good, that i definately could not play rugby again, or any other contact/high impact sport, as there was too much damage for the leg to withstand further blows/injuries. Also that I will need an arthroscopy after Xmas, to clean up inside due to the patella moving around so much and grinding on the TP surface - which was mostly all bone graft.
I asked 'i'll get back to normal though wont i?' he just said work hard at physio and my recovery will be fine, i would resume as normal a life as possible but i would need a TKR in about 10 years. He said to go ahead with the move to OZ in the new year as my knee will last longer out there than it will in the UK.
I got strapped into a splint brace and sent off to PT. 3 weeks at touch WB - explained as standing on an egg without breaking the shell! to progress to standing on a bolied egg and cracking the shell but not splitting it??
I could see me cooking lots of eggs to try to perfect this!!!

Once home i got a bath (with help from OH)- well refilled/rinsed it 4 times, it was bliss, once i'd got rid of the skin, scum and hair!
I had my first sad cry, i just felt so sorry for my poor leg.
I hopped onto my scales, cast free, and found i'd lost 1 & 1/2 stone! I couldnt believe that my cast had weighed so much!

My patella really did have a mind of its own - during leg lifts/bends it used to either disappear down inside the lower cast or roam around the outer side of my knee. If it didnt settle the OS said 'he'l fix it at my arthroscopy'. That does not appeal at all.
My PT recommended hydrotherapy to help with building muscle whilst im still mainly NWB etc.
So i started hydro - and its great, im lucky as im in the UK all my treatment is free, boy am i grateful for that.
If you can get hydrotherapy then go for it.
My first session was only 25minutes, didnt do much at all i felt - i fell asleep that afternoon exhausted, my bl blew up, i RICE'd, took lots of drugs..Next day i couldnt move - was probably the worst day since i'd got home, took my max amount of pills, my bl was like a leadened weight, why o why did i go to hydro?
The next morning i had hydro again and i really did think of cancelling it, but i topped up on drugs and hopped in...my bl eased up the minute i got in the water - i told them how bad i'd been and they expected it, that afternoon i was worn out again but i didnt stiffen up, i didnt have to max out on the drugs, i had hydro again the next morning and again i was fine. I think it was the shock of working the leg in the 1st place.
I was at 63' the day before i started hydro - i was 72' at the end of the 1st week.
At my last session before falling over i was at 82', that was after just 2 weeks of hydro. I'm now having between 3 & 5 sessions a week.

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 Tue 3:38am 23 October 2007
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