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Comment : Re: 12 weeks
Posted by katrinaj on Thu 9:07am 25 October 2007

I must admit its so flaming hard to be positive at times.
I have pass the rugby pitch where i got injured everytime i go out, everytime i think 'why?'
so much has been ruined by mbl, i should be settling in a new home right now, lapping up the australian sun, getting my kids settled into new schools, playing volleyball on the beach...the list is endless. i know itl happen next year instead - just resent it being delayed etc, i cant even work now to help towards our savings.
My oh has been a star - driving me nuts but he hasnt moaned at me or critised me for playing rugby, that makes me feel a cow for moaning at him when i feel bad. My kids are either wonderful or just out to try me..the whole family has been affected so much, i feel so guilty at times - not sorry for myself - just so guilty for putting the family through so much.
we had really tough times in the past and this was 'our year' to make that fresh start..

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 Thu 9:07am 25 October 2007
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