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Comment : Walking progress
Posted by katrinaj on Mon 8:14am 29 October 2007

Had a tender feeling bl on sat - from fridays exertions i guess, did my exercises - i even got on my front to do leg lifts/curls behind me...took a while to get the right way round again though!
Did lots of my very partial wb walking yesterday, practising how the foot actually goes down etc.
Did lots of walking today in hydro, confidence has grown loads - i can feel the knee lock to the point where i can 'stand' on it, it takes lots of concentration to hold the lock and then the 'walk' through, but it got so much easier the more i did...
Im allowed to PWB properly now too, 'splitting the hard bolied egg' weight!
The knee is sore - stinging and aching but it feels good, funny how pain feels good but i know its progress pain :-)

When i got home i had a row with my kids - house was in such a mess - i even had a cry - so emotionally worn out etc...once i calmed down i popped on the pc to come on here, thought i'd check the old email and found our visa!

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 Mon 8:14am 29 October 2007
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