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Comment : PT eww
Posted by katrinaj on Thu 1:00pm 8 November 2007

My PT has leapt in at the deep end with this 'progress to FWB' man is it getting tough.
Im happily walking around the pool unaided,then had 'weights/floats' put on today to walk with whilst practising stepping/lifting the legs correctly - not hip hitching! I had good balance before i did that exercise - it threw me completely!
Then we did 'sit 2 standing', easy peasy til she decided i was cheating - made me stretch out my good leg and get up and down on just my bad leg...OMG i did 10 reps and then the burning was so intense i couldnt move.
My TP is getting burning sensations and alot of pain - not nice! Yesterday i had to work on getting to 0', i was at 2' - had to straighten my leg and then PT pushed down on the knee, eewwwee, hurt but felt the benefit immediately. Am now at 0' yippee.

Ive also been doing ankle and knee awareness bits - foot on top of a float doing leg lifts and swooshing the foot around to get the knee to 'feel' where it is etc, and foot up and down moves. I now enter and exit the pool unaided - was in a chair lift initially then hopped up & down the steps. Getting out is hard work - im worn out by then aswell which doesnt help.
I had a good session today but burst into tears after in the changing room, PT said she'd been waiting for it to happen as having TPf is such an emotional injury too. It was awful to be in such an emotional state but it was nice that she understood it too.

Its tough being positive & brave, ive can do it 99% of the time, its just the timescale of it all which is the upsetting bit.

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 Thu 1:00pm 8 November 2007
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