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Comment : Almost FWB
Posted by katrinaj on Mon 9:53am 12 November 2007

Well im getting there - very slowly mind...
I can hardly walk at all in the morning, i need to click my knee to release it (it seems) then i can walk on it and have been almost FWB, with my crutches. I can now stand on just my BL whilst in the water.
Hydro has been dropped to 3 x's a week, which is a good sign, but i only hit 88' today, tried so hard to get to 90' but it was agony to get as far as i did. I've been given the ok to use my exercise bike - with no resistance and a higher than normal seat.
(The problem in the morning is apparently because i dont extend my leg at night, i sleep with it elevated but crooked up a bit at the knee - i need to keep it straight - just as i had mastered getting onto my side to be able to curl up to sleep - typical)!
I had the best nights sleep on Saturday - even had a nice dream - not a nightmare for a change - but took ages to 'warm' the knee up in the morning.

Stairs have become so much easier, im getting around much better, my good leg isnt getting as much muscle burn as it was before. Ive noticed im shattered alot easier/more now, i guess its all the effort and concentration that goes into FWB.

I now have a copy of a CT scan picture - it makes me feel ill, doesnt matter how many times i look at it etc,
I had NO lateral side of my TP - its horrifying to think it was so bad, no wonder my hip still hurts.
As im learning more about TPfx's and ive looked pictures up etc i can appreciate what a good job my OS has done, im just hoping i heal well.
(My front on xray shows a chunk broken off and depressed down my leg and the next bit looking like a jigsaw, but the ct pic shows the whole lateral side of the TP was destroyed and the outer chunk completely separated and away from my leg. From the little point bit in the middle out - the lateral side was gone)! sorry to keep on about it but i find it so disturbing, i want to rid it from my mind.

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 Mon 9:53am 12 November 2007
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