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Comment : Discussion thread
Posted by Henri on Tue 7:57am 20 November 2007

Katrina - the thread is now gone from the message board - removed by the mods - but in it you were wrongfully accused and I had posted reply in your defense.

It was obvious to me that V had replied to the first post in the thread, but the reply seemed to be pointed at you simply because your innocent comment about sports just happened to be the last post in the thread.

This sometimes happens on message boards when someone accidentally posts a reply without regard to where in the thread they currently reading. It doesn't become apparent until after the message has been posted and the thread lines become clearly visible.

I know you must have been hurt by what was said and I wanted to let you know that you were just an innocent victim of an unintentional insult.

Congratulations on your first steps, and here's hoping your recovery continues to improve.

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 Tue 7:57am 20 November 2007
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