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Comment : My Bed...My Shower...
Posted by katrinaj on Sat 4:05pm 24 November 2007

I can finally do the stairs comfortably, i slept in my bed last night and it was bliss..
after spending the last 14weeks on my sofa, cos we live in a 3 storey house, i couldnt get up the 2nd flight - the turn was too narrow and steep for me - so on the sofa it has been...
I tidied my bedroom, OH just dumps the clothes and the piles were getting so high!
I took a shower - managed to get in myself - ooo it was bliss, ive enjoyed my baths but i sooo enjoy my showers - i used to turn it to cold before i got out to get a zing etc...i cant bare it cold at all at the mo, must be a comfort zone thing...

So i slept in my bed, was a bit paranoid OH might knock my bl, it was sooo nice to sleep together, just to have a cuddle felt so good, this bl business really screws up intimacy. its not about sex - just closeness.

I tried to step down normally - but couldnt - too soon i guess.
I can go up & down the bl way - good leg leads up, bad leg leads down, that in itself is great - no more hopping!
Im getting round the house quite well too, having alot more pain and swelling - but its to be expected i guess - i elevate the leg alot again etc.
The ankle is really painful, it cracks so much, its movement is really restricted until its cracked several times - and some of the cracks really hurt!
Im also quite concerned that my leg still isnt getting straight, in water its 2' on land its 5'. it wouldnt be so bad if my other leg was normal but its -10', i cant really stand up straight properly. boo.

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 Sat 4:05pm 24 November 2007
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