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Comment : Walking progress 2
Posted by katrinaj on Sat 4:26pm 1 December 2007

Hydro went well yesterday, PT says shes worried about the numbness/hypersensitive bits of my leg, shes referred me - just waiting to be seen now...
Managed to do alot of exercises - they are all getting more painful - whether thats because im working so much harder than before im not to sure but the leg is definately gaining from the sessions, straightening is better & easier. Definately got an issue due to my hyperextensive flexion though, my hips are getting a bit sore now, my left leg/knee is starting to feel the pressure aswell - i thought that might have started before really when i was NWB, but again maybe its due to me walking alot more - well hobbling...
I got to see my PT out of the water aswell, showed her my 'walk' to see if she thought it was ok - well my body is cheating in every possible way it seems...i roll my hip/shoulder, i lean, i dont put enough weight through the bl...alsorts wrong, but at least im trying etc...shes told me how to correct my gait, try not to cheat - thats the problem with our bodies - if theres an easier way to do something your brain finds it without you even realising your cheating!
'Walking' is much more difficult correctly, i cant help but roll like a drunken sailor after a bit though. The bl takes the weight well, but the burning on the tp is sore, asked PT why medial side is worse than lateral/broken side, the muscle isnt building/developing as quickly on that side and i still have a bit of 'wobble' under pressure, my lateral side seems to be doing well though.
Getting there slowly!

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 Sat 4:26pm 1 December 2007
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