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Comment : 20 weeks in
Posted by katrinaj on Mon 3:38pm 17 December 2007

Well im at the 20 week milestone, saw the OS today.
I walked in without the crutch...woohoo, 1st time ive walked outside without it. But had brace/splint on.
He's a really nice guy which really helps, started by asking how i was getting on, told him i can get around without my crutches and brace but only very short periods/distances, he seemed impressed with that, said im getting around quite well with the brace on etc.
He had a good feel of the ankle and said "i want that xrayed again".
Off to xray, knee & ankle, radiologist loved my new fluffy boots - i only got them as ive been living in trainers and wanted something warmer for winter - these boots were tie up so i could have brace tucked in etc.
I decided to walk back to the clinic without the brace, very slowly & holding onto OH.
The xray's looked pretty good, but i could see a distinct bit of bone in the gap between the TP & Femur about 1/2 cm x 1/2 cm.
OS said thats what theyve been worrying about, a 'normal' TP is smooth, after surgery mine looked like crazy paving and they worried bits might come loose!

He then started feeling the knee/leg/ankle etc and moving it around - said my 'crepititus'(sp?) sounds quite repulsive.
Urmm i knew it was gross but didnt expect that...
He doesnt like to interfere with TpFx's/arthroscopys before 6months post op, so has said i go back in 4 weeks and then book for the arthroscopy, and a scan on the ankle, cant see a boney injury but doesnt like the feel of the ankle.
He said he's happy with my ROM 2' - 93' but will consider an MUA if it doesnt improve, but he reckons it will now im walking around so much more.
He told me off for doing too much, my bruising/swellings/sensations are all normal and will last up to a year, but im walking about too much - shin splints are bad with BL's.
He also condemmed my Dr, said as long as im aware of what codine im taking he will prescribe it himself if my Dr is going to be awkward. You get addicted if you take them when your not in pain etc, said he cant believe id managed 10 days without them and said i need to pop into the Dr's and explain what a TPFx actually is! He is also writing to him.
All in all a good appointment, OS seemed ok with my progress, and gave me the go ahead to try to drive - in a big empty car park initially!

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 Mon 3:38pm 17 December 2007
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