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Posted by katrinaj on Sun 7:21am 21 October 2007

Getting home was a lovely emotional feeling, onwards and upwards i thought.
The pt had banned me from trying the stairs as i had so much muscle wastage so i claimed the 3seater sofa as mine!
I tried to buy a 'limbo' (bag like covering so i could shower etc) over the phone, i didnt realise they would want measurements, turned out there wasnt enough thigh showing for a seal to be made with a limbo etc, as i shuffled bum back on the sofa my foot fell off the footstool - i deafened the poor lady on the phone - but achieved quite a good bend!

I had to go back to see OS 4 days later for the hip suture removal/check up etc, i got to see my hip - the source of so much discomfort, a pretty minging scar almost 8 inches long. The outer side of the knee/leg - where the scar is was permenantly swollen and so painful - nothing i could do for it i was told it was due to the broken bit of tp travelling down the leg so far - it caused quite a bit of tissue damage etc.
I dont know if its normal but im still experiencing tingling sensations in the hip, and worst ive got numbness going right down into my pubic bone.
Once i was able to touch and feel the hip i was shocked at how uneven and trimmed it felt. Its still sore, aches, tingles and numb. (they couldve taken a bit off both hips and trimmed me down evenly :-))
will it grow back? as it is significantly smaller than my other hip.
OS said i had to start PT asap to get ROM, i had 45' at 10 days post op.
So called PT dept after a few days as i hadnt heard anything - they didnt know anything about me, ok...left it a couple more days and called back, still nothing, so i ranted, got a call back within 2hours with an appointment the next morning...they had lost my referall, if i hadnt called i'd probably still be waiting now!
PT initially was just working on bending & straightening, then progressed to leg lifts, i couldnt believe how hard it was. From being pretty fit and a rugby prop with really strong legs i couldnt do more than 3 at a time.
After 2 weeks i was allowed to do stairs, anyone with a hinged cast brace will know how hard that is - the cast is so heavy. We live in a 3storey house and although i could do the 1st flight, theres a sharp turn for the 2nd flight, i just couldnt do the turn - no bannister rail and narrow stairway etc, i felt quite deflated, so back on the sofa!

We hired a wheelchair so i could go along on the shopping trips and we managed a few days out - my cast got a suntan - it went yellow!
Gloucestershire had a disasterous flood just before i'd had my accident and the local rugby clubs hosted a funday to raise funds for the victims etc, woohoo for me the Gloucester rugby players were intrigued by my injury and they all signed my lower cast, i now have the most exclusive/expensive cast going!
Most of this time my bl wasnt too painful, the plate grated when i was doing exercises but apart from feeling gross it wasnt too bad, i managed to cut my meds right back, knowing i'd need to up them once the cast was off and i was allowed to wb.
I stood on my bl a few times - it was that or fall over when i'd stumbled - boy did it hurt, electric shocks up and down the leg, a truely awful pain/sensation. Thankfully no harm done.

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 Sun 7:21am 21 October 2007
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