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Comment : almost 4 years now...
Posted by katrinaj on Fri 6:48am 3 June 2011

Well, its almost 4 years since i did my TPF.
Lots of positive to report - im going to the gym, doing fitness classes, i tone it down to my abilities, im limited on what i can do, no jumping jacks/starjumps, no weight resistance whilst standing, etc.
I went back to work fulltime, lasted 18mths and couldnt take it any longer, so much pain/swelling. Worked pt and things have improved.
I can walk/ride a bike/jog (in a fashion) and live life.
My knee still hurts at times ALOT, now its colder here im in pain, but thats to do with the OA thats set in.
Ive seen loads of consultant ortho's, get better results/feedback everytime i go in, my bone has completely grown over the hardware, 1screw sticks out a bit, and with the new bone sticks out on my leg, but doesnt hurt so were leaving it alone. My main pain is about an inch below the knee in the shin area.
I can play cricket on the beach, swim in the sea, so not going to complain....

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 Fri 6:48am 3 June 2011
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