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Comment : Hope you get better soon Kim
Posted by PDM on Thu 5:49am 2 March 2017

Hi Kim.
Sorry to hear about your tibia break. It's still early days for you but hang in there.
About 7 months ago I broke my femur, 3 bones in my shoulder, tore the AC joint ligaments and fractired 2 vertebrae. In hospital 3 weeks, then allowed home in a wheelchair. Had a retrograde femur IM nail plus 2 screws bottom 1 screw top in my leg. Clavicle hook plate in my shoulder. Vertebrae left to heal on their own. Pain has become my constant companion. But the femur has now healed and the clavicle hook plate has been removed. The orthopaedists have said a lot of my leg pain is from the hardware and now want to also remove the nail which I am all for. Looking forward to being able to walk without a stick again, plus sll the other things I took for granted.
Bottom line is these injuries take a long time to heal, will cause lots of pain in the process, but with some hard work, lots of PT, and some cooperative Drs, you will come out the other side.
All the best with your recovery.

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 Thu 5:49am 2 March 2017
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