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Comment : What to do.
Posted by Starr Shaw on Sat 10:44am 4 March 2017

Hi Kim, As broken legs go thats not too bad. I broke 3 bones in my leg at once falling down a hill hiking.

So here is what to do.... I am hopping you get lots of sympathy from friends and family. Enjoy that! I was so dependent on my wife, she took care of me thru the whole ordeal. Now that I look back, it was not so bad, I got to spend so much time with my wife. Even though I drove her nuts with complaints. I remember going on trips to the park and learning how to walk again with me wife. Its was an adventure! Just think of it as a change and a challenge, not as something negative. This can turn into a positive thing.

Below, here is what I have learned.

1nd thing.

Rest when you doctor tells you to rest and stay off your feet. Don't try to do anything that could compromise your healing.. REST! Don't take risk trying to do things you can not do.

MOVE! When you doctor tells you to start putting weight on you leg and start to move!

I was waling 10 miles 3.5 months after 3 fractures. Your bones don't grow anymore when your older, but they can become super strong, its call Wolfs Law. Bones gain strength with remodeling due to loading of weight and mechanical stress. Soon when doc says put weight on and start moving!

The opposite is true about Wolfs Law... if you sit on your ass, and don't get off the sofa, your bones will remodel the opposite way and get weaker... not good if they are already damaged.

3rd: Learn to eat clean! Yes bones are made up of lots of good minerals, and so it would not hurt to start giving them fuel they need to repair.


SUGAR, from now on anything with this evil substance not going to help you heal. It will cause excess inflammation, increases your pain and hinder your healing. Stay away from the hidden sugar in all box and canned foods.

I pretty much eat Wild Caught Salmon, broccoli, kale, and other yummy veggies my entire recovery.

Take your vitamins. I took D3, K2, Magnesium and Calcium. You will need those to increases your recovery time.

DRUGS! I recommend staying far far away from drugs. I know people get made at me allot when I say this. But Pain Killers are not your friend, they are your enemy. They will NOT help you heal faster, they will make you heal slower. Not only can you become addicted to them, they will have side effects that are not helpful for your bodies recovery.

I had 3 factures, 2 surgeries. I took pain killers for 1 WEEK! And then quit. Inflammation most likely will be your cause of pain after that, and thats just normal body repairing behavior. So, eating healthy food, sleeping good and staying away from those surgery treats will help with pain and excess inflammation.

4th: This is just what I did allot. Pray to Jesus! Somehow I found all the info and answers I needed doing that, and had a great recovery. So, just have to give Credit where its do, thats all I am saying.

I think you might have made it to the end of all this jabber, because I know when I was held up in bed I had allot of time to read.

This is just a event in your life, take it as that to make yourself a better person. Study, Read, have friends and love ones over to visit, just have a good positive time with your injury, not a negative one and you will look back at a time in your life where it won't look so negative, but just as a positive thing.

I know I do.

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 Sat 10:44am 4 March 2017
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