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Comment : Prayers greatly appreciated:)
Posted by Nicole on Mon 10:43am 15 January 2018

Hi ,there ,I broke my Tib and Fib Dec 24th had surgery Christmas morning ,I slipped on black ice at my boyfriends apartment complex ,I have a rod and 6 scews in ,ankle didn't break but turned in a way that slows down the NWB for 8 weeks ,I also stopped taking pain killers after the first two weeks ,I only took them if I really needed them ,it would help with the pain and make me fell blahhh ,,my boyfriend I wish was a better supporting person through this whole ordeal ,I still have 5 weeks left before I'm able to put weight on it ,I'm a active person at the gym a hairdresser,so I'm on my feet all the time ,I prey to Jesus daily for quick healing process ,I cry a lot ,that's not like me my fame and friends have been a huge support for me thank God ,,I prey I don't have future problems with my legs with all the things in it , I heard not so good things about the screws causing problems,,I try to stay as positive as possible,I'm greatful for any prayers for a heathy healing process ,this site has been so helpful ,thank you all :))))

  • What to do. - Starr Shaw Sat 4 Mar 2017
    • Prayers greatly appreciated:) - Nicole Mon 15 Jan 2018

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 Mon 10:43am 15 January 2018
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