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Kristin : First Broken Bone at 39
Diary entry posted Wed 5:11pm 31 August 2005

On July 21st while we were on vacation visiting our family in Oregon I fell after slipping on loose gravel on the steep driveway of the cabin my sister-in-law is building.

We heard a very loud popping sound and it started to swell. My father-in-law who lives on a 1200 acre ranch basically told me "rub some dirt on it and you'll be fine." I couldn't even stand up! The town they live in is very small so although they had a clinic, there was no-one to read xrays. I decided to wait until the next day when we headed back to visit other relatives. The next morning the swelling had doubled and it was now completely black and blue. After a 7 hour car trip we stopped at the hospital in Bend, Oregon.

By this time my husband and I had decided that it was just a severe sprain. Once the Doctor looked at the xrays he told me there was a reason for the great pain, the fibula was fractured in two places. Luckily it wasn't displaced and he did not think it would require surgery. I was splinted and put on crutches.

Sunday morning we began our day long journey through three airports on our way from Oregon home to Florida. At least I got to ride in wheelchairs and was preboared on all of our flights!

On Tuesday I saw the Ortho and was put in a cast. After two weeks in the cast the swelling had gone down and the cast was rubbing on my ankl, causing pain. The day prior to my Doctors appointment regarding the cast I accidentally kicked the crutch with my good foot dislocating my baby toe. That foot swelled right up and turned black and blue. They took xrays of that foot and let me know that I had just severley bruised it. I was then put in a walking boot for the broken leg, but told not to walk on it (yeah, right).

Today was my six week follow up. I saw the Ortho and was told it was healing, and that I could take the boot off. I have to be on crutches for the next three weeks. I am experiencing quite a bit of pain at the break site. The DR. says this is due to the new bone being stiff.

I would appreciated hearing from anyone who has had similiar experience and would like to know if this pain is common.


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 Wed 5:11pm 31 August 2005
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