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Comment : Re: Hanging in
Posted by Ruth on Sun 12:24pm 2 October 2005

Hello Kristin,

You seem to be doing very well for 9 weeks - you're much further on than I was at that point; in fact it's taken me until my thirteenth week to get to where you are now. However, every case is different, I guess...

I know what you mean about problems in keeping the rhythm when walking with one crutch. I have to keep saying to myself, "left crutch/right foot forward," or I get out of step. I never realised how many different types of surface there are in the street - I counted 20 in half a mile; everything from new flat concrete to a surface with raised round bumps by the pedestrian crossing. For this reason (and because others watch out for me more) I feel safer using a crutch in the street, although I never use it at home.

Like you, I can't wait for the day I walk normally - and painlessly - again. It looks like being a while yet though.

Keep up the good work!


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 Sun 12:24pm 2 October 2005
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