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Kristin : OS Appt today, tomorrow week 13
Diary entry posted Wed 9:34pm 19 October 2005

Well I went to the OS this morning for a follow-up. Was hoping to be crutch free after this visit. Unfortunately I still have quite a bit of tenderness so he wanted more xrays. I guess I hadn't really paid to much attention and the xray technician (who I found out is the OS's wife) commented "Oh, your swelling ins't too bad." I looked down and sure enough, swollen. The xrays show "progression of healing" however he still wants me to walk with aid.

I wasd honest and told him that I hadn't really been using my crutch that much and they I really struggled with keeping rhythm with the crutch. I showed him how I walked with it and he said I was doing it right. He said "yes it is akward but I need you to still walk with it and I'd like to see you in a month.

I went to work and spent the rest of the morning being depressed. Most of the depression came from knowing that I have done this to myself by pushing to hard and not giving it time to heal. I resolved to use the crutch all the time, but then found I was walking without it again. Luckily I have a desk job, but do walk to the fax and copy machines quite a lot.

Other than that we are just keeping an eye on Hurricane Wilma and hoping it doesn't head this way. This is only my second hurricane season and I can honestly say I am quite ready for it to be over!

Thank you ladies for always listening and always offering words of encouragement. I consider you all my friends. I am blessed that you found me. Thank you again Ruth, Maryanne and Deb. Hugs to you all.

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 Wed 9:34pm 19 October 2005
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