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Comment : Re: Update - 15 weeks & 1 day
Posted by Ruth on Sat 10:45am 5 November 2005

Hello Kristin,

Sorry to read that you've had such a rough week, what with the soreness of your ankle, your work and the worries about custody of Scott's two sons - everything happening at once.

I'm glad you have a good chiropractor. His idea of trying some ultra-sound on your ankle might be just what you need. Regarding manipulation: one of my fellow-sufferers at hydrotherapy still had a stiff, fixed ankle after five months, despite having had physiotherapy, so her OS arranged to readmit her to hospital this month to have a manipulation done under general anaesthetic.
It's reassuring to know that there are still some things that can be tried.

Many people believe that joints become more painful in wet or humid weather, although I don't think science has either proved or dispproved this.

I hope that next week is a better one for you.

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 Sat 10:45am 5 November 2005
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