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Comment : Re: Hope you're mobile!
Posted by Luis on Sat 4:32pm 20 October 2001


Thanks for your wishes. Last time I saw my doctor (almost 2 weeks ago), he said I should start to put some stress on my leg, about 20% !!?? I wonder how much is 20%!! He said that pressing with only the front of the foot I should be using it only at 20%. I'm scare of putting to much stress on it, so I'm probably pressing less than 20% most of the time.
Anyway, now I can move a lot at home and when I sit I just let all the weight of the leg to rest on the foot. It turns red quite fast, but I can stand it for an hour or more.
Sometimes I just move jumping on my left leg
Like the movie "karate kid" :)) It 's incredible how fast I can move jumping on one foot :)
Here the weather is very nice, with the summer knocking at the door. Unfortunately the doc said I couldn't play squash or do weight lifting until one more year!!! :((((((((((((
I miss so hard the sports :(
I've been reading a lot at home and now I have a Unix server installed at home so I can finish my job here :)
The insurance company covers the days people don't work, but only up to a certain limit, so I negotiate with my boss to keep working here and they'll pay the diffence. Time runs faster that way.

By the way, I have to go back to work :)
Best wishes and good recovery too!!


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 Sat 4:32pm 20 October 2001
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