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Comment : Also broken!
Posted by Monica on Thu 5:04am 27 September 2001

Hi Luis!

Sorry to hear you are in bed... I am too! I broke my ankle and leg badly on my honeymoon in Turkey a few weeks ago... so I understand what you mean by the butchers in the public hospitals. Mine involved a crazy ambulance ride on unpaved streets, two hospitals that would not help me, and then finally, a third hospital where a doctor CRACKED my dislocated foot back into place without painkillers!!

I think, by the way, that your English is fine. I used to take a lot of Spanish in school and would love to practice it some. Maybe we could do this online to pass the time? I could "correct" your English (although I did not see many mistakes!), you can help me remember my Spanish (there will be MANY mistakes!)! Only if you need ways to pass the time...

I am an American living in Germany, so... if you would also like to learn German, let me know! :-)

All the best for a fast recovery, by the way. Write me if you get bored!


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 Thu 5:04am 27 September 2001
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