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Comment : Re: Also broken!
Posted by Luis on Fri 9:29am 28 September 2001

Hi, Monica!!

I imagine how it could have been having an accident in Turkey!! I've been to India twice and I can't imagine what breaking my leg there could have been.
At the public hospital they also cracked my foot when taking X-rays, and I couldn't help screaming.
If you have ICQ, we could meet there and practice ours languages :)
You can write in spanish and I will in english :)))
I'd love to learn german and I will do it someday.
I'm not quite bored, though. I kept connecting to the office, because there's some job I'm involved that has to be done in time and there's no time left to train someone else to do it :(
I had to go to Brazil in october, for at least one month, but now....well, they'll have to solve the problems by themselves :))

Best regards and good luck with your leg too. I'd like to have more details about it. How did you do it? Did you find a fine hospital in Turkey or had to wait until you were back at home??



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 Fri 9:29am 28 September 2001
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