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Comment : hey Maggie
Posted by Sarah_M2 on Wed 5:57am 19 April 2006


Good to hear from you Maggie. Im not far out at all, Im about three weeks into my injury. Although I've been told Im not allowed to drive or go to walk until the doctor signs me off, which could be ages at this rate.

Im good though,I've done quite a lot of walking on the walker; although Im getting very odd, annoying looks. More than once I've been tempted to undo the boot and throw it at the gawping person. It does hurt after a long walk, but at least I can get out and about, although Im trying not to go to far as I get really knackered. I will be honest I don't know if this is the boot, or general unfitness, probabley both.

I've been signed off work for another four weeks; I think I will go mad, especiallya s the rest of me works fine; and my job is hugely computer based, my company are worried that if I fall over I will sue them, so Im just bored at the moment; although Im finding humourous comedy DVD's a good way to pass the time.

Anyway Im going to brace the British weather (rain and damp)and go up and down the pavement for a walk. I bet you live in a lovely hot place in America, if that's true Im indeed jealous, take care.

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 Wed 5:57am 19 April 2006
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