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Comment : Definitely understanding
Posted by Sarah_M2 on Wed 4:30am 12 April 2006


Im definitely understanding. Even though medical treatment is slightly different in the good old United Kingdom; your break is very similar to mine.

I was told by several different doctors that I would need surgery, crumbs even the surgeon was'nt sure that I needed it. So just to make sure they put me under played with my ankle a bit, and then woke me up saying after all that, they did'nt need to operate. So I went round like a zombie for two days.

The worst think about treatment so far is that loads of medical students and doctors, keeping commenting on me as I walk by. I feel like saying hello Im a person not a medical project.

Im really impressed about the amount of knowledge you got out of your doctors. Im still in a cast, I have never had aqupuncture meantioned to me, and I don't have a vadar boot (by the way is that what they are really called or is that a star wars reference for the obvious reasons).


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 Wed 4:30am 12 April 2006
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