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Comment : A similar story
Posted by Alan M on Fri 3:41pm 18 July 2003


It seems we've had exactly the same problem and solution. I stay in Edinburgh and broke my Tib and Fib playing football in early June. It was also a works game, however, I collided with a member of my own team when we both went for the ball but didn't see each other until the very last second, and by then it was too late. Everyone around heard the crack and then I saw my right foot and ankle dangling in a way they shouldn't be. My teammate only had a bruise.
I was taken by ambulance to the new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary which had only been open a month, so everything was brand new. It turned out to be a 'clean' break, and I was also given lots of morphine. They operated the following morning, inserting a full load bearing rod put down through my shin bone which was also screwed in below the knee and above the ankle, and also no plaster (and I was so looking forward to getting lots of signatures on it).
You may be interested to know that it's now 6 weeks since I did it and I'm only just down to 1 crutch, and it's still quite painful on some days, though the painkillers usually sort it out, and my knee is still quite numb. I still get clicking in my knee and leg, though the xrays are showing improvement (the smaller bones are moving together naturally).
But they've said I can start swimming and cycling, so at least I'll be able to make some use of the summer weather.



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 Fri 3:41pm 18 July 2003
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