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Comment : Re: how is the condition of your foot?
Posted by mark_f on Tue 5:23am 29 July 2003

Hi Barry.
Thanks for your post.
My leg, ankle and foot are doing really well. I must have 90% movement back in all. Its been exactly 1 month since it happened and im very shocked at how fast i started walking again, though i must say i am only walking short distances without the sticks. I have the fracture clinic Thursday 31/03 so hears hoping things are all well and good. I started swimming yesterday and im hoping the doctors will give me an ok for some light cycling soon. You are right with the scar tissue i still have a section down the left side of the leg where there is very very little feeling.

Its sound like you have had a Very hard time with your leg, Have you had any hardware put in? you say its been 10 months since it happened, i do hope you haven't been stuck at home all that time.
Take care mate and all the best for the future.

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 Tue 5:23am 29 July 2003
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