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Mark_G2 : Ski jump with crash video
Diary entry posted Thu 8:30pm 6 February 2014

Broke my left leg skiing off a jump at Grand Targhee Wyoming and despite a good landing, my ski binding popped off, sending my left ski boot into the hard packed snow. I have skied without serious injury for 36 years, but this time humility caught up with me. See crash video:


3 mistakes: Do not ski jump on hard pack snow. Wait for a fresh powder day. Do not land on the flats, land on an angle, without moguls. Tighten your ski bindings. Or best: just ski and don't do any more jumps (which is what I am doing).

After the crash, I got up, still pumped with adrenaline, clicked my ski back on, and skied down and caught the next lift back to the top - unaware that I just broke my leg. But it did not take long for the leg to not work right and pain to creap in, so we called the ski patrol and I took the sled down.

My friend Vincent who is filming and laughing in the background, to his credit, drove all night back to Colorado, with me in the back of my Ford Escape, seats down and back area folded flat like a makeshift ambulance, arriving at the hospital at 4:00 am in South Denver.

It was a big mistake trying to get out of the car at truck stop on the way back home to pee - even with crutches, with adrenaline wore off and well into injury trauma setting in, I nearly passed out from the 30 foot walk and almost went into shock. Best to stay as immobilized as possible for at least the first 72 hours.

My story is almost identical to Ryan's posted on Tue 4:14pm 15 January 2002.

The pain sucks, but the worst was over in 24 hours. The worst part is the inconvenience, and of course, blowing an otherwise incredible ski season and cancelling trips to Whistler, Alta, Snowbird, Park City, Aspen and Tahoe. It takes 20 times more time and effort to do anything. But a ton of support from friends, family and coworkers. Into week three of recovery, three more weeks in my cast before physical therapy.

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 Thu 8:30pm 6 February 2014
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