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Comment : Another TPF
Posted by Laurie (SadieMom) on Wed 9:46pm 29 December 2010

So sorry to welcome another TPF to the "club" no one wants to join! I found this site when Googling for tibial plateau fracture too. You're right, it's much more often an impact injury as mine was. I was fortunate and got to start bearing weight at 7 weeks post-surgery but I think mine was a little less severe. Bending your leg at the knee and circling your ankle are great ideas. The immobilizer is probably most necessary while you are trying to get around - not as much while you're lying on the couch with the leg up in the air.

I also was hopeless with crutches and felt much more stable with a walker.

I don't think the prognosis is necessarily poor though. Long recovery perhaps but don't let that research discourage you. We're each very different.

Did you have any PT while in the hospital? I had a couple sessions where they showed me some flexibility exercises. If you didn't have any then please try to see if your OS will send you for at least one session soon so you can keep your flexibility.

So glad your mom's doing well and hope the surgery puts everything behind her.

Post more on the Discussion side and you'll get more response!


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 Wed 9:46pm 29 December 2010
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