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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Questions about my injury
Posted by Mike_M on Fri 1:29pm 19 June 2009

I am taking the recovery one day at a time. As far as pt goes, I am not sure when I start. I am a project manager for a construction company in california that mainly does insurance work on residential homes. Luckily I dont work on the houses anymore, just manage the crews, estimate the job, phone calls, materials so on and so forth. I can do the majority of my from home, which is good and bad in some cases. The doc told me that I can look forward to arthritis in 10-15 years. Which is lame because I am only 25. And yea, the urine bottle is a god send, i honeslty dont know why i didnt use that thing when i wasnt injured. lol...saves a lot of energy. I dont have a walker, unfortunatley i dont have medical coverage, so all of the expenses are out of packet. So I am trying to minimize the bill as much as possible. My hospital bill is sitting at 50k right know, and thats everything included...as far as a I know. I have cruches, a wheelchair, and a leg imobilizer. They have me on some pretty decent pain killers, not many side effects, blood thinners as well to keep the blood from clotting in my leg. here is my myspace address incase you wanted to see the knarley scar on my leg. Well thanks for touchin bases and lets keep in touch.

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 Fri 1:29pm 19 June 2009
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