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Comment : Putting my time to good use
Posted by Missy_L on Sun 5:09pm 13 November 2011

Being laid up has been a huge strain on my family, both emotionally and financially. My husband, who is a career fire fighter and deputy fire marshal, has had to rearrange his work schedule to be home Monday thru Friday for my kids and for all of my doctor appointments, not to mention for our 4 month old puppy. This means he only works Friday-Sunday. Even though he gets his weekly salary, our bills outweigh his paycheck. There is no over time available which we used to bank on. So I decided to learn to coupon.

Sounds crazy? Or maybe you are one of those who gets everything for free like on that tv show? Well, I guess I want to be somewhere in between. So I started doing some research online, signed up with a ton of coupon sites and started printing sheet after sheet of coupons and loading my store savings cards up with ecoupons. I think I printed out 35 pages, all items we use. Im not one of those who will purchase something just because I can get a good deal on it...I find that wasteful. I bought a binder and page dividers and folders and strategically cut and placed all of my coupons in an order I found helpful, looked through our store flier and wrote down everything we needed to buy...and only the things that were on sale.

So Friday my husband and my 14 year old and I set out on my quest to save our family some money with these coupons. Our store has this great device when you walk through the door that you can scan your savings card and scan your items as you purchase them so they go right into a bag. I love this thing!

Items started piling in my cart and I was careful to watch what my husband and son were putting into the cart to make sure they were on sale. I can honestly say, not everything I bought had a coupon to match it, but I did pretty darn good.

When we got to the self check out, I completed our shopping and let the computer tally everything up at the normal price...omg...$437 and change. My heart was in my throat. Then I took out my handful of coupons and started scanning them, watching carefully to make sure the ones that were supposed to double, did. Then the computer deducted the sale prices....wow.

I didn't do nearly as well as those on that tv show do...but I don't think I did too bad. We ended up paying $278 plus we got gas points for the stores gas station...a whopping $1.50 off per gallon!!! My husband paid $2.09 a gallon...which for CT is CHEAP.

So I think I am now addicted. I belong to several groups online and asked everyone if they would be willing to share the coupons they were not using to me. One woman gave me a bag FULL. So tonight I sat clipping coupons for 2 hours, categorized them and they are now ready for my binder...and the next good sale.

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 Sun 5:09pm 13 November 2011
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