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Robert_Z : Broken Tib Fib
Diary entry posted Mon 5:35pm 22 January 2018

I am a active 85 yr old guy who just stepped on his front porch on Saturday December 9, 2017, lost it, and was on my back with badly broken leg. Its a near compound fracture of both bones at mid calf area. They hauled me off to ER and X Rayed. Next thing I knew a young orthopedic was at my bed and ordered an X Ray of knee. No apparent damage to knee or ankle. Soon he was back and said we will do surgery in the AM. he had ordered the titanium rod kit and in some conversation he told me I would be back on golf course in spring. Guess that could be by 20 June, but I don't care about golf, but would be happy to be walking again.
He told my son after the surgery, All went well, but it was a nasty break and put some fragments back in place (whatever that means). He said I just put a lot of stress on the leg to cause that break and indicated that I did not have any issues, like with weak bones.
They sent me off to another hospital for a 12 day intensive rehab with 4 PT and OT sessions per day. Wonderful program as it got me non weight bearing in wheelchair and walker and able to return home and function with some help from family and home nursing.
This is my 7th week and this week I see the surgeon for news on how much healing is happening. Starting last week the swelling in knee, calf and ankle has subsided. I am sleeping well with one percocet in middle of night for pain. but I do have persistent swelling in the top of my foot. And some pain in joints behind my big toe, but I had a bit of issue with this before accident, as I remember looking in my golf shoe to see if something was rubbing. I have never had any significant pain in surgery site of the rod and screws.
We read and looked at some YOUTube videos on diet for bone growth and have loaded up on protein and vitamins, like C and D. I non smoker and don't use alcohol.Don't know the value of this but cannot hurt!
One other data point, I had been having a lot of lower back pain and some numbness down my right thigh and has seen back orthopedic who set me up for Myleogram, as I have pacemaker. The also scheduled me for back decompression PT. This back pain issue may have contributed to my fall, as I was having a bad few days. Once I get on both feet I will revisit the back issues.

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 Mon 5:35pm 22 January 2018
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