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Comment : Re: Re: Wow
Posted by Tonya on Tue 7:57pm 29 June 2004

Hi Sarah,
Yes I am in a cast. As a matter of fact, I just received a seconf one yesterday. The new one is from my knee to my foot. My original one was up to my thigh. It's funny how you learn to appreciate the smallest things like a knee high cast! I too have been trying to figure out the lesson in this situtation, and at this point all I can come up with is, sometimes when we fail to slow down, things come our way that force us to slow down and take stock in our surroundings, relationships, and even ourselves. I certainly would not wish this experience on anyone but I know that it happened for a reason and that it's up to me to turn that reason into something positive.
Are you in a cast? How are you progressing?

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 Tue 7:57pm 29 June 2004
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