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Sarah_M : Lengthening Continued
Diary entry posted Sun 10:21pm 3 October 2004

The device with which my leg was lengthened can be seen on www.iskd.com - a site made by the company that manufactures the pin. It is similar in many ways to the external fixator, but instead everything is internal. This is supposed to reduce problems that the external fixator brings about, like infection at pin sites.
I have been very sore at the points where the pin was attached internally, as well as the place on my hip that they went in through to insert the pin. The break itself hasn't been anywhere near as sore, since it was done by a surgeon, it is very clean. My muscles spasm a lot due to the stretching of them with the bone's growth.
I was unable to find anyone else on the web who had the same device. My surgeon is out of Baltimore's Sinai Hospital. I was inititially hospitalized for about 3 days with a morphine drip for pain. I was still very uncomfortable. Once I was able to walk on crutches they released me from the hospital, and I spent several days staying at a nearby hotel. I live in Washington, DC, which is not far, but my fourth floor walk up apartment was inititally too much of a challenge. I've taken 8 weeks off from my job and gone on short term disability.
Inititially the oxycontin, oxycodone and baclofen for muscle spasms made me completely out of it. As I've taken less and less medication, I've found that the challenges of having a broken leg are so much more than just getting about on crutches. While I have supportive family, and spent two weeks with them in MA, many of my friends have drifted during my incapacitation. People visited at first but the novelty of my broken leg wore off at a certain point. I have always had problems with anxiety and depression and I've found that my isolation has exacerbated it. I can't say that the heavy medication has helped, stopping the oxycontin all at once brought on a panic attack.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon and learn if I can begin walking again.

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 Sun 10:21pm 3 October 2004
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