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Comment : Regret
Posted by Terri_T on Sun 9:20am 31 May 2009

Hi Steve,
We have all regretted and thought carefully about the day we broke our legs! Unfortunately it can't be undone. There are lessons here that I am trying to learn and keep with me. I too had a hard time thinking of anything other than my leg! There is so much at stake that I couldn't concentrate on much else for a while.
Just know that your chances of recovery are really good and that you too will walk again. It just takes an outrageous amount of time! I was sure that my Doc was wrong when he told me 5 mos to heal. What! this just can't be!! I've got things to do! But I couldn't do them anyway.
I was NWB for 12 wks and have progressed quickly since I went PWB on May 14th.
Good for you getting off the meds! I hated them also and was off of them 10 days post fx. Remember to avoid Nsaids like aspirin and ibuprofin as they inhibit bone growth. Eat right, take your calcium, limit salt, sugar caffein and alcohol. Above all, a positive outlook is a very powerfull weapon that aids in recovery. Wallow once in a while cause who doesn't but don't make it the order of the day, every day!!
Even though I am not glad of your injury, I am glad that you have found us here.
Healthy healing,

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 Sun 9:20am 31 May 2009
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