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Comment : Week 8
Posted by Sue3 on Mon 4:16pm 12 May 2014

This week I needed to bring my crutches to PT for a “crutch lesson”. I’m terrified of crutches, why do you think I got a knee scooter? I’m not that fit, my balance is fine but come on…. plus I have a townhouse full of stairs. Four flights of stairs.

We started with warmup exercises of the usual pointing, flexing and rotating. Then I put the boot back on and we got the crutches and walked a bit. Walking was okay, especially since I could use my broken leg. I still had lots of little shooting pains in my heel but they went away after a few minutes. My PT got out a step and we practiced going up and down the step. I was so scared of this part, but I did it. I did it again and again and again.

“Up with the good, Down with the bad.”

That became my mantra for stairs. “Up with the good [foot], Down with the bad [foot]” Crutches are cumbersome and unwieldy. The get tangled in things and caught on lips of stairs and doorways. I treated curbs, stairs and doorways alike. “Up with the good and down with the bad”.

My PT recommended I stay with the knee scooter at work while I practiced with crutches for the week at home. I Sugru’d magnets onto my crutches to keep them from flopping all over the place - although it was hard to find the right placement. I chose the top of the “peg” leg. I should have made the magnets stick out further, but they are sufficiently strong to keep the crutches together. Very useful when using the stairs, as one hand/arm grips the handrail, the other uses the crutches.

My DH was apprehensive, but I soon found out how much FASTER it was to go up and down the stairs with the crutches than on my knees. I quickly ditched the kneepads (probably day 3 of the week) and never looked back. I practiced every time I could. After a few days (yes, DAYS) I was using only one crutch most of the time. After another couple of days (YES, DAYS) I was walking UNASSISTED for a few steps.

The last day of Week 8 was Mother’s Day. We took my mom out for lunch and as her Mother’s Day gift, I walked up to her and stood to give her a hug, unassisted. She was flabbergasted, and very touched. It was my first outing without the safety net of my knee scooter, and I did fine. The longer I am able to walk, the longer I am able to sit without my foot elevated. Maybe it’s my head but I think there is a correlation.

That afternoon we came home and I iced my ankle, and did my flexibility exercises. By the end of Week 8 I was only using one crutch around the house, for the stairs, and the knee scooter when I need both hands free in the kitchen. Hopefully next week I can ditch the knee scooter completely (although I’ll keep it around the house for a week just in case.)

It’s springtime now, the weather is (kinda) warming, the trees are (kinda) budding, and I was antsy to get out for a “walk” - even if it’s just down to the mailbox and back. So, I did. Crutches and all. That cute backpack I bought a couple of weeks ago is coming in handy!

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 Mon 4:16pm 12 May 2014
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