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Comment : Week 10
Posted by Sue3 on Sun 11:28am 1 June 2014

Week 10

This is the week I have been anticipating and dreading - the last week with the boot. Well, I think it will be the last week with the boot. Part of me hopes so and another part of me is terrified to be without my security blanket.

I pushed a bit too hard yesterday, walking in my brace, then going shopping with Mom (in my boot). She has arthritis in her feet and I have a broken leg, boy do we make a sight to see, limping down the hall of the store. We have to laugh - itís all we can do. But three hours of walking around, even with a break to get a little lunch, was too much for my leg. My ankle got very sore and tired. I put a lot of ice on it last night and that felt incredibly good, so I can only hope that it helped. I still havenít taken any pain medication although I probably should have, but I figured I could just tough it out. I also had a hard time trying to find a pair of shoes I could shove my braced right foot into - I ended up settling on my Ugg slippers. (they are like loafers, not boots). I considered my Birkenstocks, but they are old and need the soles redone. I decided to get them into the shoe repair place to be fixed up. Besides, I think my heel would prefer the soft cushion of wool instead of the rigidity of cork.

I was tired and slept really well last night, although I still have to turn over nearly every hour due to the weight of the boot. Yesterday I was able to stand up in the shower on my own two feet for the first time since the accident! I nearly cried, to have a shower like a normal person again, after so long. I contemplated using my bench to support my knee, but decided against it since last time it just got in the way. I have a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub so I felt secure. Honestly the one part I was most concerned about was getting in and out of the tub - which was no big deal since my left leg is so strong now that I can easily balance and maneuver myself. Since I can put my full weight on my broken leg now, I was able to step into the tub with my left leg, and out with my right. (Up with the good, down with the bad!)

This week I still plan to bring my crutches to work even though I may not use them. I think itís wise to have them with me just in case, and anyways, I will need to use them in PT. I know that my apprehension is due to fatigue right now. My main goal this week is to gain strength and regain balance. Anything more will be gravy.

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 Sun 11:28am 1 June 2014
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