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Comment : Week 11
Posted by Sue3 on Sun 11:29am 1 June 2014

Week 11

PT has been mainly focused on balance, followed by flexibility then strength. I’d try to stretch my calf, but my ankle’s mortise and tenon joint is so stiff that I couldn’t move forward enough to make a difference. The PT has been doing trigger point release on my calf, as well as some stretching that pulls the whole foot down (think of the reverse of putting weight on your leg, instead you’re pulling on your leg) and moving my ankle around. It doesn’t seem like much when he’s doing it, and the only thing that really hurts is the trigger point release, but the improvement is remarkable.

When I’m done with PT I go back to my cubicle and ice my ankle. The next day my ankle and foot will usually hurt a lot, but feel more loose. The third day won’t hurt as much and I can see the improvement. Exercises include tightrope style walking, balance, grapevines and normal walking. Strength training includes calf raises, pulling against a rubber band, pushing against a rubber band and toe grips. Boy am I glad I did all that toe wiggling while in the cast.

Two weeks ago I couldn’t bend my leg forward enough to go down stairs normally. Now I can get it to bend forward about 75% of the way to going down the stairs normally.

Two weeks ago I could just barely go up the stairs normally. Now I can go up stairs while carrying something!

Two week ago I could barely stand on my tiptoes (calf raises) and my calf was noticeably smaller than my good one. Now I can do 3 sets of 20 calf raises with most of my weight on my broken leg, and my calf looks only slightly smaller than my good one.

Two weeks ago I was walking unaided but only while wearing my air cast. Now I can walk unaided for short distances in only my brace.

Two weeks ago I couldn’t drive. Today, I drove to the store and back!

The brace is a strange contraption of metal supports along the ankle, a sock that has a boot that laces up, straps that cross under the arch of the foot and velcro to the side of the boot and a wide strap that circles around the upper ankle and velcros everything together. It was uncomfortable at first, and I felt like it was hindering my movement rather than supporting my ankle. I quickly got used to it though. The hard part is shoes. My Birkenstock’s fit when I adjust the straps, but I can’t wear them to work. I have a pair of Sketcher’s mules that I wear around the house, and with a little creative scissor work I was able to get them on.

Ice is still my friend, and stretching is painful but worth it. Rotating often results in a very loud, very satisfying “CRACK”. I think the most odd thing about this week is feeling the movement and “awakening” of the bones in the top of my foot, as they move around and get used to bearing full weight. Lastly I use an electric massager on my leg, as well as a trigger point type massager I have, and fingertip massage of the scars. I picked up some Mederma, so we’ll see if that helps. If anything it will be there to remind me to keep massaging and moisturizing the scars.

Last day of Week 11. Last night we went downtown for a show and dinner. I brought my crutches even though I didn’t really think I needed them - oh yes, by the end of the night, when the rain was pouring down, I was really happy I had crutches AND the ability to maneuver myself over puddles. My shoes never got wet! This morning my leg is tired, which is very strange. I went to the grocery store and found myself really using my left leg more than usual. My right leg was weak and shaky. It doesn’t hurt, it’s not swollen, but it’s weak. It is a very odd sensation. I feel like I want to shake my leg and make it wake up! Come on leg, you need to get moving! But the leg is saying “Forget it, I wanna go back to bed.”

So I did. I sat on the couch for a few hours, iced my ankle, massaged the scar, and caught up on a TV series. And it felt good.

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 Sun 11:29am 1 June 2014
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