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Sue3 : Week 17 and beyond
Diary entry posted Thu 1:43pm 28 August 2014

My PT is down to one week now. Concentrating mainly on stretching, and balance exercises.

My ankle is often crabby and cannot make up its mind if it's going to cooperate to hurt from day to day. I am still wearing scar pads, and when the pain gets particularly bad I take ibuprofen. When the swelling gets bad I wear industrial-strength compression hose such as the airline socks you can buy at Walgreens. It's not ideal in the middle of July, but I working air-conditioned building, so it's not a huge deal.

The mornings appear to still be particularly challenging, especially going downstairs. But I find helpful is to stand up and stretch first thing in the morning the full 92nd stretches all of them, which takes for ever especially when you're half asleep, but honestly makes a huge difference throughout the day.

Some days I feel perfectly normal, some days I feel like I'm dragging a lead weight. My foot has changed. My ankle has changed. And I'm going to accept that. I never was one for high heels, and I am finding that my shoe size has also changed. I used to be an eight now I am more of a solid 8 1/2.

Carrying items as I go up and down the stairs is much easier now. But that is more due to increased balance rather than strength.

The strength comes and goes depending on how tired my leg is. And I should be doing more strengthening exercises that I have been by the way there's really not such a thing as too much physical therapy. You may feel tired, it may hurt, but I guarantee you you're probably still not doing enough. If you're tired and shaky, and it hurts, and swollen then get some ice elevate her leg and stay off it for a day or two. But it takes a lot to get to that point at this stage.

Muscle tightness is my main enemy. I do lots of calf massages with my hands, a massager, I trigger point massager, even a tennis ball, it doesn't matter what I use but I feel as if I am massaging my way almost all day long. Sometimes I get that Crawley leg feeling, which I got even before I broke my leg, what's it restless leg syndrome? It's even more pronounced now. When I get it it's because I don't stretch enough. So when it feels Crawley, I get up, and I stretch. For at least 90 seconds. Often longer. The longer I can stretch the better the end result.

Snap crackle and pop is another thing I have noticed. I often find myself rotating my ankle back-and-forth, counterclockwise and clockwise, and the snap, crackle, and pop feels so good. Sometimes I feel like there's a huge bubble inside my ankle joint, and I just can't pop it.

From this point forward there are three things I need to concentrate on for recovery. Balance, stretching, and flexibility. I am at that point now, we're the only thing in Keating my free movement, is the adhesion of the scar tissue. It's the scar tissue that really hurts, not the inside of my ankle. What hurts when I'm rotating my ankle or stretching my ankle, is where this incision sites were.

With massage, scar reduction silicone pads, and lots and lots of stretching, I am hoping at some point that even the incision sites will cease to hurt.

Right now my bones are in what's called a "reconstruction phase"? This is the long, slow, terribly slow process where the microfiche is come in and they cleanup all the extra bone cells and build on the new capillaries deep inside the bone marrow and Mandol of those tendons and little ligaments that hold your femur and tibia together.

The "bone remodeling" phase, as it is called, can last for up to it or over a year. I can see now why it is so important to continue physical therapy, even well after your insurance has run out.

Most of the time, the best thing I can do for my pain, or stiffness, the stretch. Sometimes walking is very helpful sometimes walking irritates it. When it's annoyed by ice and elevate and rest. When it's not annoyed I behave as if nothing ever happened.

A coworker of mine asked me about my broken leg and how it feels now four months later. I replied it was the best thing in the worst thing to happen to me this year. It was the worst thing because it was horrible and painful and inconvenient. But it was the best thing because I got to meet all of my coworkers, talk to them, interact and understand how awesome they all are. It made me love where I work even more, want to stay here, and appreciate the genuine goodness that lies in the heart of most people on this planet.

It has given me a great respect for those who are not able, it has given me a huge appreciation for very simple things, such as walking, we're driving. It is help me put many things into perspective I'm given me far more empathy for my aging mother, or my disabled friends, but I ever have before.

It was a terrible but wonderful things happen. And I choose to make my broken leg a positive experience in my life going forward.

I hope that this blog has helped you decide to make your broken leg positive experience as well, the matter what the circumstance, or challenges that you face you are not alone. Ask for help, talk to anyone who talks to you, smile, and thank them. Human beings understand suffering of another human being. And all that goodwill and could favor you receive? Pass it along. Remember, always pass it along.

My most honest loving regards to all of you out there in broken Leg Land -


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 Thu 1:43pm 28 August 2014
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