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Comment : Week 26
Posted by Sue3 on Tue 8:49am 30 September 2014

(inadvertently posted after the Six Month Check-In. This should have been posted first.)

Summer is ending, which means that snow, ice and cold are just around the corner in a few short months. I admit I am terrified. PT has run out, only 1 more left. I see the surgeon in two weeks for a follow up and hopefully an x-ray, as well as an order for more PT. Iíve gained weight due to immobility, but also depression, as itís hard to maintain a positive outlook 100% of the time, and, well, my ankle hurts!

Swelling and pain come and go, but I donít think they are necessarily weather related. I feel Iíve reached a plateau on my recovery, so I have starting going back to the gym a few times a week. I donít do too much, mainly just the stationary bicycle since that doesnít put a lot of pressure on my ankle. I will usually bike at a medium pace for 45-60 minutes. (Yes, I have maxed out my data plan this month streaming Netflix during workouts!)

Overall I feel better when I work out whether it is a bike or taking the dog for a walk. Shoes are a challenge now, my just over size 8 foot is now a solid 8.5 and itís hard to stuff it into a tennis shoe when the swelling is so unpredictable. Blisters on my heels, all that fun stuff.

Another problem I have been having is sharp pain, tenderness and swelling of the flexor hallucis longous tendon and the peronaeus longus and peronaeus brevis tendons. The PT did a lot of trigger point therapy along the Flexor digitorum longus, Flexor hallucis longus and Tibialis posterior, but the knots still come back with a vengance no matter how long I stretch. I purchased a Knobble II Massager off Amazon for 8 bucks and use that often while watching TV.

I also try to stand at my desk and walk around more often. Some days are much easier than others.

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 Tue 8:49am 30 September 2014
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