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Comment : Four year Check In
Posted by Sue3 on Wed 2:11pm 16 May 2018

Hi All,

I'm 45 now. The hardware is still in my ankle and leg, but I would say that I have 98% of my mobility back. It still hurts to go down stairs first thing in the morning and I have to stretch a lot. I just keep wiggling the ankle.

I had some issues with plantar fascitis, but they resolved and haven't come back. I never liked wearing high heels but if I have to then I can manage it for a couple of hours. I gained weight (about 50 lbs) which I am now, slowly, losing. I can walk forever and we have a home elliptical. I liked running and it's not comfortable to put that kind of impact on my ankle so it's not really an issue.

Scars are hardly noticeable now. The biggest irritation is that my ankle gets COLD way faster than my left ankle. In winter especially. I knitted myself a couple of boot cuffs which I wear as "ankle warmers" and that solves the cold ankle problem.

I can sit cross-legged, but not for too long. I can ride a bike, climb stairs and ladders, and do everything I could before the accident. It still aches from time to time, but nothing horrible or chronic, no more than any other part of me aches, to be honest.

So hang in there, you will get better, you WILL recover. "That which does not kill me makes me stronger."


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 Wed 2:11pm 16 May 2018
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