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Susan_L : Off with the cast
Diary entry posted Fri 10:10am 7 March 2003

Yesterday was the day! For a change it was a beautiful blue sky warm day. I was dressed and ready to leave long before John was. After the 75 minute trip to the OS I walked into the waiting room all by myself (with the crutches of course).

Jason, the nurse and cast tech, came for me and I even walked all the way back to the cast room. Having been assured the cast removal was painless, I watched with interest and told Jason what a great job he had done with the casts. He is really a sweet young guy. Dr. Bair came in and took off the little bandages. He said it looked great. I thought it looked YUK. I will be so glad to be able to put cream on my alligator skin.

Jason brought the wheel chair and I was off to x-ray, for the first time I was able to get on the table. That quickly over I went to the exam room and proceeded to read a Santa Fe art magazine.

Soon my tall handsome OS was there. He is really tall, but I didn't know how tall, as every time I see him I am either lying or sitting down. He said I am healing nicely and proudly showed me the x-ray. I told him that before I had failed to ask details about my break, and that now I talked with people all over the world with bl's and I needed to know details and tech terms. He kindly wrote it all down for me.

Then he proceeded to show me how to start partial weight bearing, using my crutches. It was hilarious. My crutches come to his waist--maybe a little higher. Finally I couldn't stand it, I asked him how tall he is. 6'4" he says. Okay I wasn't wrong he is tall. (I'm 5'2" and sometimes I think people are really tall when they aren't)

He sent me on my way with an order for PT and said to come back in a month. Jason came back and fitted me with the boot.

I feel so blessed to have such a great ortho team.

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 Fri 10:10am 7 March 2003
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