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Susan_L : Ouch!!
Diary entry posted Fri 10:25am 7 March 2003

Okay, I'm on top of the world. At home I take off the boot and examine my leg. It is gross. Scarred, dry flaky skin, and there is a small piece of bloody cotton stuck to my dry flaky heel. I got in the shower and sat on a low plastic stool. It was heaven. OS said not to immerse the let in water because I still had scabs. I did wash it well, and of course knocked all the scabs off.

Finally I was clean and dry and could put moisturizer on all the alligator skin. I put iodine on the scars because they still looked a little raw.

Exhausted, I was off to bed. OS said to sleep in the boot for a week. Ouc!! I miss my nicely cotton padded cast. The sensitive scar tissue was irritated by the boot, why didn't I put on a sock or some padding. I took ibuprofen and went to sleep. 6 hours later at 3:30 I woke up in pain. This is the first real pain I have had since the night of the accident.

I took off the boot and put kleenex over the scars and and put it back on. I added a pillow to my thick foot pad on the bed and took two more ibuprofen. At last, sleep.

This morning I am experimenting with padding under the boot, my first try is the really nice soft ace bandage that I wore home from the hospital. But it is throbbing. Time to elevate.

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 Fri 10:25am 7 March 2003
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