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Terri_F : Sledding = broken ankle/leg
Diary entry posted Thu 12:01pm 2 February 2006

I broke my ankle/leg on Dec 18,2005. My husband and I took our kids sledding at a local park with some friends of theirs. On our first run down the hill, my daughter and I crashed into a fence at the bottom of the hill. I knew instantly that I had broken something. I was momentarily distracted by my daughter(age 4) who was crying and saying that her leg was hurt. She was up and walking on it, so I knew she was fine. I looked at my right ankle and knew instantly that I wasn't. I called my husband down from the top of the hill and told him I had broken something. He called the father of the other kids we were sledding with. Luckily he is an ER doc at a local hospital.

I asked them to call 911 as there was no way I would be going to the hospital in my minivan. EMT arrived and I was transported to hospital. I had a compound fracture of the right tibia and had broken my ankle as well. I was sent to surgery right away where my OS put in about 9 screws to keep my leg together.

I just had i screw removed a couple days ago. I have been in a cast and on crutches for the past 6 weeks. I am now able to put weight on my leg, but am still using crutches as my right leg REALLY hurts! I have a post-op visit with my OS next week. I am slowly working my way into my Darth boot. Am also looking ahead to lots of PT.

Thanks for reading.


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 Thu 12:01pm 2 February 2006
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