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Comment : Rehab and Therapy
Posted by Jan on Fri 1:17pm 24 January 2003

Hi Valerie - hope you're feeling a teeny bit better every day! I'm not sure why I need another 7-9 weeks in a Full cast. I have about a 4-5 inch spiral break so he doesn't want me moving my knee until he sees so definite healing and he says the tib is the slowest healing bone in the body. My PT has been awesome and I'm working every possible muscle I can (I actually lost 7 lbs since this happened - I thought I'd be gaining just sitting around..)My PT thinks it will take about 4-6 weeks of rehab/therapy since I'm was in pretty good shape to start with and am willing to work as hard as I need to get done ASAP. If your not already doing it, I'd highly recommend getting hand/ankle weights to strengthen everything else up. I'm also doing stomach crunches in the recliner. Pyschologically I guess I need to get strong elsewhere since I can already see the atrophy starting in my left thigh - my PT says my left leg will be half the size of my right leg when they take off the cast - ugh! (not to mention the hair and skin condition...)
Keep smilin'

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 Fri 1:17pm 24 January 2003
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