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Comment : Re: Rehab and Therapy
Posted by Valerie on Sat 12:14pm 25 January 2003

Interesting. I do think that I am getting a little better every day . . .although the pace is very frustrating. My husband seems to think that I have lost some weight and that I am doing better on my crutches. No one has said a word to me yet about PT - I kind of assumed that it would start when I get the shorter cast, but if you are already doing it with the longer one, maybe I should ask at my next appointment. Before the break (actually always) I was pretty sedentary - not much of an exercise person, so to be honest I feel like just getting through the day right now is a workout. Every muscle hurts!! However, it would certainly be a silver lining if at the end of all this I was a slimmer healthier me! Even if it is a slimmer healthier me with an atrophied, scaly, hairy leg. LOL

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 Sat 12:14pm 25 January 2003
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